commodity forecast for 26 jun 2013

commodity forecast for 26 jun 2013

bullion commodity forecast

mcx gold aug expiry future last closed at 26539 with loss of 186 intraday mcx gold future made high near 26800 while low was near 300 rupee intraday range and profit booking continues from expect 26200 to 26k levels in intraday for today.on upside 26800-26900 remain major supply zone.

mcx silver jul expiry future last closed at 40620 with loss of 214 intraday mcx silver future made high near 41100 while low was near 800 rupee intraday range and continues for today below 41200 hold short on rise view for target 40k and then 39k.

metal commodity forecast

mcx aluminium jun expiry future last closed at 103.75 intraday mcx aluminium future made high near 105 while low was near 2 rupee intraday range and holding 103 support?for today sell below 103 for target 101-100 on downside.

mcx copper jun expiry future last closed at 403.3 with gains of 2.5 intraday mcx copper future made low at 393 while high was near 14 rupee intraday range and technical bounce backs from below 408 hold shorting view for same 398 and 394 target again.

mcx lead jun expiry future last closed at 122.15 with gains of 2.4 intraday mcx lead future made high near 123 while low was near almost 5 rupee range and short covering seen below 122.5 hold selling view for intraday targets of 120-119.

mcx nickel jun expiry future last closed at 826.2 with almost 10 rupees in intraday mcx nickel future made low near 805 while high was near 30 rupee intraday range and look like taken support.for tomorrow below 828 hold selling view for target 810 and below in intraday.

mcx zinc jun expiry future last closed at 108.3 with almost 1 rupee intraday mcx zinc future made high near 109 while low was near 3 rupee intraday range and taken support at below 110.5 remain sell on rise and on downside 106 and 014 remain as targets.

energy commodity forecast

mcx crude oil jul expiry future last closed at 5696 with loss of 6 intraday mcx crude oil future made high near 5747 while low was near almost 80 rupees intraday range and some correction after trend and momentum is bullish and above support of 5650 hold long view for targets 5800-5900.

mcx natural gas jul expiry future last closed at 221.8 with loss of 5 intraday mcx natural gas future made high near 226 while low was near 221 and closed at 5 rupee range and profit booking 218 is strong support if breaks then may show 200 level.if holds again 236 to 240 levels on upside so watch for that.

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